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Using Centreon-Deb is very simple :

1. Add the main repository to your sources.list

For Jessie (32-64 bits) and Raspbian 32 bits, add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file :
deb http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon/ jessie main
For Wheezy 64 bits and only Centreon-Web <= 2.7.8, add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file :
deb http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon/ wheezy main

2. Fetch and install the GnuPG key

For Debian
wget http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon/sugarbug.gpg
apt-key add sugarbug.gpg
For Raspbian
wget http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon/sugarbug.gpg
sudo apt-key add sugarbug.gpg

3. Update apt

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For update 2.7.x to 2.8.5, use :
apt-get install centreon-central

For update 2.7.x to 2.7.8, use :
apt-get dist-upgrade

For update 2.6.x to 2.7.1, use :
apt-get dist-upgrade

For Debian
apt-get update
For Raspbian
sudo apt-get update
For install, see Debian Jessie or Debian Whezzy

4. History depot

In order to allow to use the old versions of the Centreon repositories, I made available the previous repositories :
- http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon-2825/ : centreon-web 2.8.25, centreon-broker 3.0.14, centreon-engine 1.8.1
- http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon-2824-2/ : centreon-web 2.8.24, centreon-broker 3.0.14, centreon-engine 1.8.1
- http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon-2823/ : centreon-web 2.8.23, centreon-broker 3.0.14, centreon-engine 1.8.1
- http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon-2822/ : centreon-web 2.8.22, centreon-broker 3.0.14, centreon-engine 1.8.1
- http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon-2819/ : centreon-web 2.8.19, centreon-broker 3.0.13, centreon-engine 1.8.1
- http://mirror.sugarbug.fr/centreon-2818/ : centreon-web 2.8.18, centreon-broker 3.0.13, centreon-engine 1.8.1
It will be enough to modify the address in the file /etc/apt/sources.list

5. Nrpe 3 for Jessie

You have the option to install the plugin and the Nrpe3 daemon on a 32 bits/64 bit Debian or Raspbian server.
To install the Nrpe 3 plugin :
apt-get install centreon-nrpe3-plugin
To install the Nrpe3 daemon
apt-get install centreon-nrpe3-daemon
Configure Nrpe3 by modifying the file /etc/nrpe/centreon-nrpe3.cfg
allowed_hosts=,<IP Client NRPE>
Start the NRPE3 daemon
systemctl start centreon-nrpe3
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